As the demand for data centers continues to grow, so does the need for more robust security measures. Data centers are buildings that are specifically used to run an organization’s IT operations and any equipment required to store, process and distribute data. They will include a system of networked computers and servers and both cyber and physical security measures are equally important in keeping these facilities and their contents safe. This blog post will focus on the importance of choosing the right security door for data center applications and discussing the available options.

Why Do Data Centre Applications Need Protection?

Data centers play a crucial role in the operation of a business. Because the main functions of a data center are so important, security is a high priority for most business owners and their clients. Data centers are used for the following purposes:

  • Store data
  • Host backup and recovery options
  • Support e-commerce transactions 
  • Support applications such as email and other work programs
  • Keep sensitive information safe from unauthorized personnel 

There are almost three thousand data centers in the United States, and as this number increases, so does the need for higher physical security measures. Physical security measures, such as gates, doors, security locks, and so on, are designed to protect a company’s people, property and assets from harm or theft. To prevent physical attacks on data centers, some of the following should be implemented:

  • Access control system
  • CCTV
  • Fiberglass panels
  • Perimeter gates
  • Security doors
  • Security windows
  • Server cabinets and cages

Although all of the above security measures are important, for the next section, we will be looking at what type of security doors are available to protect data centers.

What Type of Security Doors Should be Used for Data Centre Applications? 

Doors are usually the primary target of forced entry; therefore, choosing a security door that will protect your data center from ballistics, extreme weather conditions and any other types of attacks makes sense. You should consider doors that are made with outstanding strength materials and can withstand ballistic threats, as well as having the option to be customized to suit your exact requirements. At Armortex, we manufacture a wide range of bullet and blast-resistant doors that are tested against the highest security standards. The following section will highlight some of our core security doors.

Security Doors with Armortex

To ensure our clients are provided with the utmost level of safety, Armortex uses the highest range of ballistic materials in the doors we manufacture. We offer security doors in steel and wood because of their high strength and versatility to be customized. These can be manufactured in various styles depending on your preferences or requirements.

Hollow Metal Security Doors

Armortex designs and manufactures bullet-resistant security doors in hollow metal designed to capture and retain bullets to reduce the risk of forced entry and random injuries. Our range of hollow metal doors is made with cold-rolled steel, foam insulation and fiberglass armor frames to meet ballistic levels of protection. 

Customizable options include:

  • Ballistic levels of protection
  • Style and placement of window
  • Sizing
  • Thickness
  • Window or full flush

Wood Security Doors

Made with wood veneer, Amortex wood security doors offer outstanding protection against ballistic threats. They are designed to retain attacking projectiles to reduce the risk of penetration or injury, just like our hollow metal doors. The wood-veneered security doors are built with a fiberglass armor core and are supported by a cold-rolled steel frame. Our customization options are the same as our hollow metal doors and can also be fitted with a range of locks for an additional layer of protection.

Contact us today for more information on enhancing your data center security with Armortex security doors, and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.