Sports Venue Security

Sports venues and arenas around the world host thousands of visitors every week, providing countless job opportunities, and contributing significantly to local economies. Arena managers have a twofold duty of care, to protect employees and members of the public while maximizing cash flow and profit margins. With Armortex, you can meet and exceed each of these key performance indicators by emphasizing your sports venue security with a robust, bulletproof infrastructure.

Security in sports arenas typically focusses on turnstiles, fencing, barriers, on-site security guards, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and other access-control or surveillance measures. At Armortex, we focus on delivering ballistic-grade security products designed to mitigate threats rather than merely deterring them.

With a wide range of bulletproof windows accessorized for transactional applications, we are among the foremost suppliers of sports venue security products worldwide. We can develop unique ticket booth solutions that protect your employees at key cash points with high transaction volumes.

Armortex Transaction Booths

Using advanced speak-through technologies, cash drawers, and completely transparent bulletproof windows, Armortex transaction booths provide an unprecedented measure of security for your employees without ever detracting from the customer experience.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more.