To ensure your business and other commercial buildings are well protected from unwanted entry or ballistic attacks, bullet-resistant wood doors could be an ideal solution. Bullet-resistant doors can be manufactured from various materials such as fiberglass, hollow metal and wood, providing a high level of ballistic protection. In this blog post, we will outline the key benefits of using a bullet-resistant wood door to increase the protection levels in your required space.  

The Benefits of Bullet-Resistant Wood Doors

Wood doors can be manufactured to offer outstanding ballistic protection without compromising the aesthetic appearance. At Armortex, our bullet-resistant wood veneered door products are engineered as ‘non-ricochet type’, designed to permit capture and retention of the attacking ballistic and reduce the likelihood of accidental injury. Below, we will look at the main benefits of these doors in more detail.


One of the advantages of our wooden door range is that they not only function as regular doors but also provide an outstanding level of ballistic protection whilst maintaining an aesthetic appeal. The benefit of this is that the doors look normal to most people, which can deceive those who might consider gaining unauthorised access to your premises.

Ballistic Levels 

Our wooden doors are tested against ballistic UL levels 1-8, which enables us to provide highly secure solutions to suit your safety requirements and the level of threats you may encounter.

Customizable Properties

Multiple aspects of ballistic-proof wood doors can be customized to meet your requirements. This includes the size, style, thickness, windows, and ballistic levels. Providing customized solutions means our clients have the most suitable option for their security requirements. 

High Strength Materials 

These doors are built with a steel frame, aluminum gear hinges, fiberglass armor core and wood veneer to provide outstanding levels of bulletproof protection. These materials are also designed to minimize the risk of random injury as they retain any ballistics in the door structure.


One final key benefit worth mentioning about the bullet resistance wood doors is that they provide protection against threats and unwanted access and offer protection against severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and the effects of ice and snow. 

Bullet Resistant Wood Doors from Armortex

Armortex manufactures wood doors in several styles so that regardless of your requirements or preferences, a bullet-resistant door is available to suit your needs. Our line of products includes the following doors:

  • Flush: A simple, wood-veneered door without a viewing window.

  • Full lite: This model has an almost full-length ballistic-resistant glass window for optimal viewing.

  • Half lite: Designed with a rectangular window to allow for unrestricted viewing.

  • Slim lite: High ballistic protection is available but with a restricted window view.

  • View lite: Designed with a 10 x 10-inch window for protected viewing, this door provides outstanding protection levels.


Contact us today for more information on our ballistic-proof wood doors. Alternatively, you can check out our blog posts or product pages for further details.