School Security

It is a sobering fact that the U.S. experiences school shooting incidents at a higher frequency than any other economically developed country in the world. School security is paramount, not just for actively protecting faculty members and staff from active shooters, but also providing peace of mind to parents that schools are taking this constant threat seriously. Armortex® offers bulletproof school security solutions that deliver on both fronts.

Although it can be frightening to accept that bulletproof security products in schools are becoming a necessity, it is important to remember that Armortex® school security products perform several functions. Our ballistic-resistant windows and doors have been engineered for the most robust entryways to provide secure access control to any facility, allowing you to monitor who walks the halls of your school with absolute confidence. These are designed to enhance your school security without disrupting daily operations. The sturdiest security also acts first and foremost as a deterrent, preventing harmful individuals from thinking they can carry out acts of violence in your school.

Bulletproof School Security

We also offer fiberglass panels and ballistic resistant accessories to shore up your existing school security protocols in the unfortunate event of an active shooting incident in your school. Contact a member of the Armortex® team if you would like to learn more.