Government Security

Threats against government officials affect our very national security. We must protect  our  people at every level of the federal government, from members of congress to office staff, to preserve the infrastructure of the United States. At Armortex® we rise to the considerable challenge of government security with high-rated ballistic and blast-resistant solutions designed to mitigate any danger leveled at our government officials and employees .

Our specialty is custom-designing ballistic-grade architectural solutions for challenging applications, like government security. Though no two jobs are exactly alike, we usually prescribe a minimum of UL Level 3 ballistic solutions for governmental applications. This means bulletproof doors, wall panels, and windows that can withstand at least three high velocity .44 magnum rounds. Armortex® engineers are experienced with all levels of the Underwriter’s Laboratory rating system, empowering us to build the most robust ballistic-resistant solutions across Levels 1–10 .

High-Level Government Security

Combat the danger of domestic and foreign terror, as well as targeted political crime, using Armortex® government security solutions. We will liaise with your architect to determine your material needs and requirements, before suggesting a tailor-made bulletproof solution that matches your unique security needs. Contact us today to learn more about our government security products.