Courthouse Security

Courthouse security is a critical issue that can only be resolved through strict operational and physical measures. The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts is responsible for providing the support necessary for employees to control the volatile environment of a court room and prevent breaches of security which risk the safety of citizens, defendants, employees, and judges alike. New programs aimed at preserving the course of justice and preventing violence in the courthouse promote greater physical security measures than ever before, including bulletproof benches for defendants and judges.

Armortex® is one of the leading suppliers of ballistic-grade fiberglass panels for courthouse security installations. Our bulletproof panels are designed to de-laminate on impact, dispersing force and retaining projectiles. Composite bulletproof panels are ideal for discrete courthouse security systems, such as ballistic-resistant benches, owing to their exceptional hardness to weight ratios. Lightweight and extremely robust, Armortex® bulletproof panels can be engineered in a choice of widths and lengths, and for UL Levels 1—8.

Uncompromising Courthouse Security

Meet state and federal standards of security with Armortex® court room solutions. Our bulletproof panels are engineered for ease-of-installation and integration, so they can unobtrusively protect the course of justice. Contact a member of the team today for more information about our fiberglass panels for courthouse security.