Store Security

Criminals target stores more than any other property, with high levels of cash flow and easily accessible products making them vulnerable to petty theft and even armed robbery. Despite the use of digital and physical security measures like closed-circuit television (CCTV) and shutters, the pressure is usually on clerks and guards to maintain a safe and secure environment in-store. At Armortex, we believe your personnel are your most valuable asset. We have designed a range of blast and bullet-resistant security doors and windows plus accessories to deter criminals while protecting your staff members from the line of fire.

Armortex® bulletproof windows come in a choice of ballistic-grade framing materials with optically clear glazing rated to your level of required bullet resistance. Most store security requirements are met by UL Levels 1—3 which can withstand at least three shots from high velocity small arms fire. We assure these levels of ballistics resistance even when using mechanical speak-throughs, package receivers, transaction drawers, and other accessories meant to enable easy communication between employees and the public.

Armortex Store Security Solutions

The aim when installing bulletproof windows to checkout counters or storefronts is usually to deter criminals, but you can rest assured that your employees can safely interact with customers through a high-security rated obstacle. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.