Police Stations

Creating secure environments where police officers and clerks can work effectively is a critical yet often overlooked part of law enforcement. Everyday tasks like booking perpetrators and conducting interviews carries an extra level of threat, so premium security solutions should be woven into the fabric of our police stations. Armortex® bulletproof security solutions for police stations include ballistic-grade windows and doors, plus lightweight fiberglass panels that can add a functional layer of protection to partition walls and panic rooms.

Armortex® solutions are not designed to turn police stations into fortresses. They are engineered for maximum ease of integration and value-added functionality, creating strong points of protection for law enforcement personnel without impinging on the aesthetics of their environment.

Reception desks can be reinforced with completely clear transaction windows with mechanical speak through technology, enabling officers to book perps and back-office employees to carefully interact with members of the public without exposing themselves to physical threats. Corridors can likewise be secured with ballistic-grade internal doors, enabling precincts to focus their security budgets in the areas it matters most.

Bulletproof Security for Police Stations

Reinforce your police station and protect law enforcement personnel from criminals with Armortex® bulletproof windows and doors. Contact a member of the team today to learn more about our product specifications, or to book a consultation.