A front door is the first place people think to enter your property through. Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your business or other properties, having the most secure front door is crucial for warding off unwanted visitors or attacks. Safety can be enhanced by the material or style of door you install, among other options. This article will provide you with five ways to improve your front door security radically.

Safety Certification 

Manufacturers that are certified, or use certified products, ensure that they provide a specific set of qualities, such as maximum security against threats. For example, manufacturers that are ISO 9001 certified consistently offer high-quality products and meet their customer’s expectations. Security doors are commonly installed in areas that are prone to tornadoes or require additional levels of protection, for example, in government buildings, and certification helps to provide peace of mind.


A range of locks available can be installed into a security door. Whilst they are all designed to protect against ballistics and forced entry, some styles may be more suitable for specific applications.


Security doors can be manufactured with several materials, depending on the intended application and personal preferences of those making the purchase. The most common materials are steel and wood because they are both high in strength and can be manufactured to offer outstanding ballistic and bullet resistance. Other features that could be considered include the aesthetics and customizable properties of the materials.


Security doors are available in a range of styles to suit the applications or environments in which they are required. A flush door might be preferred where acoustic performance, fire security, and the highest levels of security are needed. They are also aesthetically simple and provide better insulation. However, doors that are designed with panels offer several advantages as well. Entries with viewing panels allow you to see who is on the other side without needing to open the door, provide additional lighting, and can help to create a false sense of security, leaving attackers surprised when they cannot penetrate the door.


Although ballistic-resistant doors offer outstanding levels of security, they will still have a specific lifespan like every other product. It is essential to ensure that you upgrade your security door when it is nearing the end of its lifespan or when it stops working correctly. If the door has been vandalized or attempted entry has been made, this may also shorten the lifespan or reduce the sturdiness of the door and, therefore, it should be inspected.

Security Doors with Armortex

Armortex has been designing and manufacturing security products for over 40 years. Our security doors are designed with your security needs in mind and can be installed in a wide range of buildings from courthouses to schools. They offer outstanding blast and bullet resistance and are built with fiberglass and stainless steel to provide the highest level of security.

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