Attack resistance measures a product’s, system’s, or organization’s resilience against an assault. Analyzing security defenses will highlight any vulnerable areas and allow for improvements and upgrades. Although attack resistance can apply to computer hardware and software, an organization, a person and more, this blog post will outline the main aspects of attack resistance management with a focus on physical products that protect a company, such as windows and doors.

What Is Attack Resistance Management?

Attack resistance management tests and manages the security of an organization’s physical assets, including single items and entire buildings. It is a vital part of a company’s operations that must be carried out to keep employees, employers and their customers safe.

Security assessments and attack resistance management are designed to ensure the most effective barriers are in place should someone attempt to force entry or attack. Such barriers will allow staff to work knowing that reliable protections are in place.

What Industries Is Attack Resistance Management Used In?

Our products are commonly used in schools, banks, prisons, government offices, courtrooms and police stations, to name but a few, and although attacks can occur in varying degrees, we create our products to withstand them all.


More than ever, it is essential for schools in the U.S to have bulletproof security measures. Whilst these are a protective barrier, they can also be used as a deterrent to prevent an attack from happening in the first place.


Courthouse security is paramount to protect all those involved in legal proceedings. Our bulletproof panels are ideal for courthouses because they meet state and federal security standards. They are easy to install and can be integrated into pre-existing structures.

Police Stations

Police officers and clerical staff put their lives on the line to protect citizens, and they must be provided with the necessary security and protection they need to do their jobs effectively. Ballistic-grade windows and doors and fiberglass panels are often implemented in police stations for additional protection.

What Materials And Products Are Used?

Armortex manufactures bullet and blast protection products and forced entry protection products to provide the maximum level of resistance available.

Fiberglass Panels

Our bulletproof fiberglass panels are high-strength and can be provided to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards 1 to 8, depending on the level of security required.


Armortex windows are blast and bullet-resistant; produced to UL standards 1 to 8. Our windows offer excellent protection and are installed without altering the look of your building.


Our blast and bullet-resistant doors can be manufactured with wood or hollow metal alongside the UL standards previously mentioned. These doors provide protection against military-grade explosions, tornados and other threats.

Other products we manufacture include:

  • Deal Trays
  • Speakers
  • Gun Ports
  • Transaction Drawers
  • Package Receives

To discuss any of our products or how we can help you with your attack resistance management, please get in touch with us for more information.