Cannabis and cannabis-based products are becoming widely legalized, which means dispensaries are targeted more frequently than before. As the cannabis industry continues to develop and grow, and the products are more in demand, dispensaries require enhanced security to protect personnel and products. This blog post will look at what type of security door is suitable for dispensaries.

Why are Security Measures Required for Dispensaries 

Dispensaries are often targeted in ‘smash and grab’ style robberies, and many of these buildings will have security measures already fitted. However, as the cannabis industry grows, dispensaries will be targeted more frequently, thus requiring additional levels of security to protect personnel from threats but also to prevent products from being stolen.

There are several ways that security measures can be implemented in dispensaries. These include doors, gates, windows, specialist dispensing trays, and transaction screens. Because many attackers will use a door to gain entry to a building, this should be the first line of defense where security needs to be a priority,

What is the Best Type of Security Door for Dispensaries 

Standard doors and locks are rarely strong enough to withstand ballistic or high-strength attacks, which highlights the importance of installing security doors. They can be configured in various ways to ensure they meet the requirements of the building and manufactured in metal or wood, with or without windows that are tested against a range of ballistic levels. 

Doors that offer adequate ballistic protection are commonly made with steel frames and heavy-duty gear hinges, with primary materials being stainless steel and fiberglass. Any models with windows are likely to be made with polycarbonate because of their high strength and impact resistance. 

Hollow Metal Doors

Metal doors are built for security measures. They are robust, sturdy, and offer enhanced levels of protection against attacks. Aside from the standard builds, metal doors can also be modified with different styles of locks or windows to suit your security needs.

Wooden Doors

Proprietary wooden doors offer high levels of security against direct and lateral penetration, as well as combat ricocheting. Additionally, they reduce the likelihood of accidental injury by retaining any ballistics.

Security Doors with Armortex

Security measures are required more than ever in schools, government buildings, dispensaries and other places. Armortex is dedicated to providing high-quality bullet and blast-resistant doors for various industries. We utilize the most advanced ballistic materials on the market and the doors can be designed in several ways.

Our range includes the following, but more configurations are available:

  • Hollow metal door – Flush, with no window
  • Hollow metal door – Full lite, with a long, centered window
  • Wood – Flush, with no window
  • Wood veneered door – Slim lite, with a small viewing panel

For more information on the ballistic-resistant security doors we provide, contact us today, and we can find the ideal solution for your dispensary.