In recent years, cannabis has become more widely available and legalized for both recreational and medicinal purposes, resulting in more cannabis facilities opening up to meet the demand. Unfortunately, with the exponential growth of the cannabis industry, related crime has also increased.

Cannabis-related crime has highlighted the need for effective safety measures to be put into place to protect both staff and customers who work in or visit places that keep cannabis on-site. In this blog post, we will outline some of the essential protection solutions that should be implemented in cannabis facilities.

Cannabis-Related Crime

As mentioned above, crimes committed that are linked to cannabis have been increasing as the substance becomes more available. Places such as cultivation facilities, dispensaries, hospitals and other sites that provide, sell or grow cannabis are being targeted more often and thus putting lives at risk.

In order to reduce break-ins and theft, security measures are crucial in the cannabis industry. Some protection solutions will be governed by state laws and others may be country-wide, thus making it highly important to utilize a range of security options and stay up to date with local laws.

Protection Solutions for Cannabis Facilities

There are a number of protection solutions that can be put in place in cannabis facilities and some of the safety measures that must be followed include:

  •     Taking sufficient safety measures to prevent, or at least deter, unauthorized access into certain areas where marijuana is kept.
  •     Identify the necessary regulatory board if an incident occurs (such as theft, security breach or loss of product).
  •     Strict records must be kept. These include staff information, inventory, purchases and any incidents.
  •     High-quality video surveillance must be set up on all licensed premises.

Armortex provides a wide range of products for security measures in schools, hospitals, courthouses, dispensaries and more. Criminals tend to focus on stores with high cash flow and easier access to products, therefore our range of bullet-resistant windows and doors, transaction drawers and additional products can be used to enhance the security of your cannabis facilities.

Ballistic-proof windows

Armortex manufactures bullet-proof windows to a range of specifications regarding bullet resistance, material, style and sizing. If the window is to be communicated through, we provide transaction windows with a speak-thru piece as well as a transaction window with a package receiver. Additionally, a window can be designed with both a speak-thru and a package receiver.

Ballistic-proof doors

Similar to our ballistic-proof windows, our doors can be made to your requirements and use the most advanced ballistic materials available. We have a range of designs and materials, and our doors provide reliable protection in the event of a security threat at a cannabis facility or other locations.

Fiberglass panels

Our fiberglass panels are made in-house from ballistic-grade fiberglass to ensure optimal performance. These panels can be fitted as screens to keep staff safe from unwelcome interactions

Transaction Drawers

To protect staff at the point of sale, transaction drawers are bullet-resistant and designed to prevent unauthorized access to money being held on-site.

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