As the leading designer of ballistic fiberglass panels and components, Armortex has built a solid reputation as your one-stop shop for bullet- and blast-resistant doors. Our diverse line of anti-ballistic products is built to exceed typical market standards. We go above and beyond our competitors in our willingness to tailor-make solutions that meet every facet of your requirements and specifications.

High Quality Blast-Resistant Doors

All our door styles are first-and-foremost built to perform. Every blast-resistant door that we supply comprises the toughest materials with heavily reinforced inner structures to withstand the percussion of explosives as well as resisting penetration from projectiles like bullets and shrapnel. This requires careful attention to every detail.

Armortex security doors can be fitted to order with shatterproof windows of varying lengths and widths depending on the level of visibility deemed necessary for your line of work. Every blast-resistant door that we produce carries the highest security standards and can be specially modified to meet FEMA certifications.

Blast-Resistant Door Materials

Metal blast-resistant solutions are clearly a heavy-duty solution – you can tell that at a glance. They are designed to guarantee safety and security, first through deterrence and second through actual performance. Armortex metal doors are designed to seem unassailable, to intimidate would-be assailants. Even determined criminals will struggle to break through the door’s cold-rolled steel skin of the door, while the interior core is built to withstand severe impacts.

If you are interested in our security doors and bulletproof solutions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about design specifications or ballistic performance.