When replacing the windows and doors in a commercial building, the first consideration is always cost. Does a potential replacement provide tangible benefits to the business? New window frames can refresh the look of your building, particularly if you opt for uPVC fittings. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, typically abbreviated to uPVC, is the go-to material for refurbishing tired windows and doors. It can lend a refreshed feel to building exteriors while improving the insulation considerably. Yet uPVC windows leave something to be desired from the perspective of security.

uPVC Vs. Aluminum Windows: Comparing Durability

Aluminum window frames are often preferred over uPVC in commercial settings for a number of reasons – first of which is their enhanced security. Compared to polyvinyl chloride, aluminium is extremely durable. Rigid uPVC has a nominal tensile strength of around 34 – 62 MPa, while the strength of aluminium extends as high as 700 MPa.

What Higher Strength Means for Window Design

The exceptional strength of aluminium window frames means they can usually be fabricated in a slimmer format without compromising durability. This allows architects to expand glass surface areas for larger window designs without dramatically increasing cost. Additionally, aluminum windows can accommodate heavier glazing than uPVC frames, which translates to enormous security benefits.

Bulletproof windows are heavier than traditional glazing solutions as they comprise multiple panes of glass interposed with layers of resin – typically polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Given this added weight, the frame itself must be reinforced to bear the load. Aluminum window frames are subsequently the natural choice for commercial properties looking for the optimal intersection between aesthetics, cost, and security.

armortex window

Why Choose Armortex Aluminum Windows

Some security window manufacturers may offer purely acrylic glazing solutions, but at Armortex, we recommend glass-clad polycarbonates as they can be engineered for customer-defined levels of ballistics resistance, covering the entire Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) range of bulletproof ratings. Additionally, all our aluminum window frame are  are bulletproof as well.

Returning to the title question of this article: How secure are aluminum windows? Well, this depends on your manufacturer. Aluminum is the natural successor to uPVC when security is an issue, and is a budget-friendly solution compared to steel windows. Yet some designers will recommend sub-par glazing and may not offer the peripheral benefits necessary to your business that Armortex can provide.

We not only offer aluminum security windows that are inherently safer than the competition, our engineering team can also customise our solutions for maximum ease of usability in real-world settings. Want to learn more? Explore our aluminum security windows for yourself to see the full range of design options on offer. Or, if you have any questions, contact us today.