Government buildings require the highest level of security available to keep personnel, documents and crucial information safe from harm. There are many departments in the government, ranging from courthouses to embassies and more, and security solutions must be available for all of them as any threats can impact national security. Throughout this blog post, we will look at what high-rate ballistic resistance solutions are available for government security and how they keep people and organizations safe.

Government Security 

Government organizations and buildings will often be a target of threats, ballistic weapons or forced entry and therefore require a high level of ballistic protection and bulletproof security measures. These solutions will protect the physical buildings, the personnel working inside them, and any essential documents. Government sections that require security measures include courthouses, educational buildings (schools and colleges), embassies, homeland security buildings, federal or state offices and public safety facilities. However, this list is not exhaustive, and other places may also require safety measures.

What Ballistic Resistant Solutions are Available?

A wide range of ballistic-resistant solutions can be implemented to increase the security measures of a government facility. These include bulletproof doors, windows and wall panels for all UL levels 1 to 10.

Bullet Resistant Doors

The blast- and bullet-resistant doors provided by Armortex® are developed with the most advanced ballistic materials. They can be customized to suit your requirements and are available in various designs. These doors and frames will provide your facility with an extremely high level of protection as they are engineered to withstand military-grade explosives, high wind speeds, tornado effects, and common threats.

Bulletproof Windows

To ensure maximum protection against threats, bulletproof windows can be installed in your facilities. Armortex® uses the highest quality ballistic-grade glass and framing materials to manufacture bulletproof windows, which offer an extremely high level of defence against threats and hostile situations. 

Fiberglass Panels

Armortex® engineers ballistic-resistant fiberglass panels to provide a high level of protection against threats. These panels have been approved by the U.S Marshal Service and are 752 compliant. They offer security measures at UL levels 1 to 10 and are available in various sizes.

Government Security Solutions with Armortex

Armortex provides high-level government security solutions to fight against the danger of domestic and foreign terror, targeted political crime and other threats. Our products can be tailor-made to your requirements to ensure your precise security needs are met. 

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