Across the USA, a high frequency of shooting incidents and security risks happen in schools each year. Elementary and high school security is of critical importance for this reason, protecting students and staff and providing parents with the peace of mind that the threats are being taken into consideration. This article will provide a guide to some of the key ways in which high school security can be increased.

Ballistic Resistant Windows

One way in which high school security can be increased is in the reinforcement of windows so they are able to withstand ballistic attacks. At Armortex, we sell ballistic-resistant windows and doors which have been engineered to be strong, robust and provide secure access control to any school. This means that schools can be sure there are no unidentified visitors to the school without disrupting daily operations. Ballistic resistant windows and doors act initially as a deterrent, meaning individuals are less likely to carry out acts of violence in schools. It also means that if shots are fired from outside the school, students and staff are protected.

Fiberglass Panels for Enhanced High School Security

Fiberglass panels can strengthen the ballistic resistance of your school in the event of an active shooting incident. These panels can be used as cladding to reinforce walls. At Armortex, our fiberglass composite panels are woven in-house, to create a  ballistic-grade fiberglass panel. This means we can maximize the ballistic performances of our fiberglass panels, through proper de-lamination and reliable projectile retention.

Bullet-Resistant Furniture

Bullet-resistant furniture is another way in which schools can give added protection to their staff and students. Fiberglass can reinforce standard furniture which in turn adds enhances high school security in an active shooter event.

High School Security Solutions  from Armortex

Armortex is an industry leader in the fabrication of bulletproof products tailored for high school security. We understand the complex needs and unique budgetary constraints that impact what level of security schools are able to implement. We can collaborate closely with school management to ensure that we have the safety equipment that works for your school and with your budget.

If you would like to learn more about high school security and how we can help, contact us today for more information.