Whether coming through the doors, windows or even walls, motivated besiegers will aim their assaults at whatever stands between them and their target.

The ability to resist a relentless attack is something that we all hope to have when the time comes. At Armortex we are constantly producing and perfecting our range of effective forced entry resistance products.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Does Your Facility Need Forced Entry Resistance Technology?

In the current climate, places that in the past would have imagined themselves immune from sudden weaponized assaults are now seeing a very real and impending threat.

Forced entry resistance measures offer much more than a physical barrier to danger. The presence of some of our industry-renowned doors, windows, and panels afford a sense of security. This, in turn, gives your team or staff the requisite assurance they need to function professionally with peace of mind.

Repeated Repulsion of Forced Entry

Heavily dependent on the type of tools and weapons used, attempted assaults can come in varying forms and levels of intensity. At Armortex, we believe we have the security solutions to safely stave them all off.

Our forced entry resistance range of products uses a mixture of tried and tested methods and the most modern materials to match any level of force or ferocity. The stubborn sturdiness of our latest offerings, from fiberglass-woven panels to reinforced wooden and steel doors containing shatter-free windows, will make a criminal think twice.

Blast-Proof Windows

Our blast-proof windows not only deflect a potentially deadly blast but also fully absorb the force to stop the glass from shattering. The capability to keep the glass intact and tolerate forced entry trauma helps avoid secondary damage or injury to those close by.

A Perfect Blend of Brains and Brawn

Our readymade and resilient protective products give you the power to achieve a peaceful yet triumphant resolution. Our fixtures and fittings are packed and set in an airtight formation, so they won’t buckle or break under pressure.

Preempt and Prevent Forced Entry Attempts

Forced entry resistance technology succeeds where other protective measures fail, stopping aspiring assailants in their tracks. Widely relied-upon security measures such as video surveillance, security guards, and alarms can be crucial after the fact to prove guilt or catch a suspect. However, for those of us who want to rebuff any entry attempts, an intimidatingly impenetrable piece of blast-absorbing equipment is the smart suggestion.

If you don’t want to become a prisoner in your own place of work, scanned and scrutinized by guards and security monitors, work with us to invent and install your own exclusive but unobtrusive perimeter of protection.

At Armortex, we manufacture the means to prevent a forced entry before it has truly begun, rather than leaving our loyal customers to pick up the pieces later. Contact us to learn more.