Dispensary managers may wonder what security solutions should be established to protect staff and products. Alternatively, safety options might already be implemented, but you’re considering providing additional security solutions. Throughout this blog post, we will cover the security solutions available to dispensaries and what extra solutions could be added to increase staff and product protection.  

What Security Solutions Should Be in Place for Dispensaries?

There are several reasons why dispensaries might need added security solutions. With the rise of cannabis and CBD products across the USA, many dispensary owners are looking to add extra security measures to ensure the safety of their staff and to prevent unauthorized access to their products. 

Because dispensaries have long been a target for criminals, some standard security solutions should already be in place. Therefore, we will only discuss those briefly before moving on to look at extra security measures that could be considered.

Security solutions typically implemented in a dispensary include:

  • Transaction Drawers: These drawers are implemented where money is handled. They are designed to prevent unauthorized access to on-site cash and reduce the risk of robberies.
  • Transaction Screens: Screens are often put up to create a thin barrier between staff and customers to reduce the risk of confrontation, abuse and theft.
  • Video Surveillance: It is not unusual for places to install video surveillance. This is especially the case where sensitive or expensive products are held, as they are often a target of theft. 

Does My Dispensary Require Added Security Solutions?

If there is only a standard level of security in your dispensary, you might want to consider implementing adding security solutions. These come in a range of options from security guards to surveillance cameras. In the following section, we will look at what added security solutions are available and the benefits they bring.

  • Security Guards: Hiring security guards as an added security solution can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, guards can help welcome and support customers and increase safety measures for the general public. Secondly, security guards can act as a deterrent for anyone considering committing a crime in the dispensary. Finally, should a crime be carried out, security guards can help to apprehend the suspect or provide a report if the police were to get involved.
  • Access Control Systems: It is likely that a control system is already in place in your dispensary, but there are always ways to improve or upgrade an existing system. To prevent unauthorized access to cash trays, medicine cabinets or entire areas, access control systems can be implemented so that staff need to use codes or fingerprints to gain entry. 
  • Physical Barriers: Physical barriers in a dispensary include screens, windows and doors. These individual barriers can be implemented depending on the set-up of the store and the level of security required. In some dispensaries, the highest level of security is necessary and therefore ballistic proof screens will be placed at transaction points and high-strength doors can be used to create a barrier between the dispensing area and the customer-accessible area.

If you feel your dispensary would benefit from additional security solutions, Armortex provides a wide range of products and services that could be utilized. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote. We look forward to helping you.