Bulletproof Protection for Police Stations

Creating secure environments in which police officers and other members of staff can work effectively is critical. However, this is area of law enforcement is sometimes overlooked.

Whilst police officers in the US always carry firearms for protection, other law enforcement staff who are non-sworn employees do not. These members of staff can be desk staff, correctional officers, records clerks and radio dispatchers as well as civilians who may be present in police stations for a variety of reasons. These people are subject to the risk of working in a police station and it is critical that they are protected by their surroundings. This blog post explores the importance of bulletproof protection for police stations and how they can protect those using them.

Does Bulletproof Protection Inhibit Communication?

Often, it is thought that bulletproof protection barriers inhibit communication and connection. However, using modern designs and materials this is no longer the case. Bulletproof protection systems are designed and installed in a way that means they aren’t noticeable and blend in to their surroundings.

It is important that communication is kept clear and that the police station lobby does not look too intimidating whilst the staff are also kept safe.

Armortex Solutions for Bulletproof Protection

In a police station, day-to-day tasks such as conducting interviews, moving evidence and booking perpetrators is subject to a higher level of threat. This is why premium security solutions should be part of the general make up of police stations.

Bulletproof Windows

Our bulletproof windows are ideal for police stations as they protect from an outside attack. These bulletproof solutions can also be used inside, such as creating a screen in front of the booking clerk or receptionist. Clear transaction windows can also have a mechanical speak through technology, which means officers and office employees can carefully interact with members of the public or perpetrators without being open to physical threats.

These windows offer maximum protection against security threats, being engineered using the best quality ballistic-grade glass and framing materials. Bulletproof solutions like this provide an outstanding level of defense without looking bulky.

Fiberglass Panels

Bulletproof protection for police stations can also come in the form of fiberglass panels. These lightweight panels add functionality, forming strong points of protection for law enforcement personnel without changing the overall look of the environments and can be used as cladding to reinforce walls.

At Armortex, our fiberglass composite panels are formed in-house, forming ballistic grade panels. This allows us to maximize the bulletproof protection of our fiberglass panels, using proper de-lamination and dependable projectile retention.

At Armortex, we don’t create solutions that transform police stations into fortresses. We design and manufacture our bulletproof protection products to be easy to integrate and functional. This leads to protection for law enforcement personnel without altering the ability of staff to communicate with others.

If you would like to find out more about our bulletproof solutions, contact our team today.