Blast resistance protection is important for a range of applications and industries, protection solutions are designed to reinforce structures so that the harm to personnel and equipment is minimized in the event of accidental or deliberate explosions. Some buildings deal with industries that may involve working with explosive materials and some places require protection from explosive blasts from external threats.

Blast resistance protection can be permanent installations or portable blast-resistant modules and can be fixed or transportable. They are designed to withstand and contain the impacts of blasts and explosions as well as projectiles. In this article, we explore some of the blast protection technologies available at Armortex.

Fiberglass Panels

Fiberglass panels are added to existing structures to enhance the ballistic and blast resistance capabilities. The fiberglass panels have a unique laminate structure that has been engineered by weaving ballistic-grade fiberglass and treating it with thermoset resin. These panels disperse the force of projectiles and blasts. These panels are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, meaning they are simple to install and can act as building reinforcements. Armortex fiberglass panels can be customized to meet Underwriters Laboratories 752 ballistic standards 1-8.

Blast Resistance Protection from Windows

Standard glass and windows are hard and shatter easily. This means that they are not flexible in response to impacts, leading to damage to property and potentially those inside when blast waves hit.

Windows from Armortex are made using laminate or air gap design which involves alternating layers of glass and plastic. The glass does not break rapidly, rather the energy decreases slowly through the layers and brings the bullet to a stop.

Armortex has many years of experience in manufacturing windows that can withstand many levels of blasts. With experience serving architects and contractors that are designing courtrooms and government buildings.

Blast Resistance Protection with Doors

Doors from Armortex are created to be high performance whilst still being customizable to meet clients’ needs. Armortex’s blast-resistant doors are expertly reinforced with internal structures meaning they can withstand explosives and resist projectiles.

Doors can be fitted with no spall or low spall windows, fully customizable sizing, and various levels of reinforcement. Whilst they still look aesthetically pleasing, they are extremely sturdy and made from cold-rolled steel and other materials.

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