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A big question that we often get from customers is what industries should utilize bullet-resistant glass? VP and GM, Rick Snelling, often asks his customers these questions to see if they fall into the category of needed bullet-resistant glass.

Do you value your assets? Do you keep cash on site? Do you sell anything? Are you open during hours when most people are asleep? Are life-changing decisions made there?

Then bullet- and blast-resistant building materials are for you! Available in all UL ratings, Armortex offers a full-line of windows, doors, frames, speakers, deal trays and even gun ports. Whether your design calls for warm and welcoming or sleek and modern, Armortex has you covered.

Safe doesn’t have to mean institutional, or even obvious. Our wood doors are aesthetically pleasing, perfect for an office space or school. There is no need to frighten those you are trying to protect! Bullet-resistant glass provides crystal-clear protection for many years while looking like standard glass.

Armortex speakers and deal trays facilitate easy communication, ensuring correct transactions and satisfied customers. Charlie Brown’s muffled teacher was funny, but not so much when it’s your employees communicating with customers!

Friendly Armortex experts are ready to work with you to specify the correct products for your needs and budget, so give us a call today at 800-880-8306 or contact us at

Architects are working on project specifications for bullet-resistant glass in new and existing buildings, and sometimes they’re even more surprised to see that secure glass and building materials were excluded from a bid. So when is the right time to use a secure material?

The answer is simple. Now.

Whether you’re designing a new or remodeled convenience store, medical facility, ticket window, school or any other type of secure building, it’s more cost and time effective to install bullet-resistant materials during construction than to do a retrofit project. It’s all about less mess and hassle, too.

In the wake of all the recent shootings, schools are remodeling their front and side entry points in droves. Hospitals are the site of about 70% of workplace violence incidents (Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, April 2018), which can be greatly reduced with ricochet-prevention through bullet-resistant glass, steel frames, and secure doors. The innovations in deal trays and speakers ensure safe and personal interactions between your staff and guests while keeping your employees safe.

While no building material is “bulletproof,” bullet-resistant glass, window frames and doors are designed to withstand attack until first responders arrive and can help to prevent injuries. Call a friendly Armortex expert for help determining the right product to fit your needs and budget at 800-880-8306 or visit us online to learn more about our products.

What’s your most important corporate asset? If you said your data or your inventory, guess again. It’s your employees, the hearts and minds of your company. Walls can be rebuilt, inventory replaced. You have insurance for all that. What you can’t replace is the 30-year employee that knows the inner workings better than the owner, or the fresh-faced college kid that has a product idea that will launch your company to undreamed heights. It’s the human factor that makes your company great. Protect them.
What do you do to ensure the most productivity and happy employees? Generous compensation and time off are one thing, but securing your building with bullet-resistant doors, window frames and glass designed to prevent ricochet, and blast-resistant glass enveloping the building help them feel secure and promote a more relaxed and innovative work environment.
A secure building or office space promotes company loyalty and prevents the risk of unknown people gaining access to computers, cash and inventory, not to mention the threat of physical violence.
Grow your business through a secure and safe workplace. Armortex bullet- and blast-proof glass, doors, window frames are must-have building materials for your new building or upcoming remodel. To learn more about our bullet and blast resistant products go to or call for a bid at 1-800-880-8306 or 1-210-661-8306 or contact us at


How do you secure 100,000 people inside a stadium? With Armortex bullet and blast resistant products. Security checkpoints have become the norm and have done a pretty good job of keeping venues safe once ticket holders are inside.


But what about the thousands of unchecked tailgaters, ticket sellers, vendors and potential security threats blending into the crowd at your gates and in the parking lot? The police and venue security patrol the area, but in large crowds they might not catch everything.


Armortex has a full line of UL rated bullet- and blast-resistant fiberglass panels to fortify the outside of the stadium, while bullet-resistant construction materials, like glass, microphones and/or speakers and transaction windows protect your employees and box office earnings.


Our protective materials can enhance the beauty of your stadium or arena while reducing your exposure to an incident and keeping your guests safe. Visit us online at or call us at 800-880-8306.



Your hospital can become an emotionally charged environment and often brings out the worst behavior in otherwise stable and emotionally healthy individuals and is at risk of attack from criminals, mentally unstable patients and those under the influence of drugs.


Are your billing area and its employees secure? The charged emotions related to collections of bills related to a patient’s loss create extreme reactions for the patient’s families and can endanger your billing staff.


While creating a safe environment for your hospital is important, you also want a warm, comforting environment. Bullet-resistant wood doors and crystal-clear glass are designed to stop a directly-fired or ricochet bullet, protecting your patients and their visitors, billing staff, and any other designated safe areas. Safety doesn’t have to look institutional.


Armortex has a full line of bullet and blast-resistant building materials designed with your hospital and staff’s safety in mind. Visit us online today at or call us at 800-880-8306.



Who do the first responders trust to help protect officers and non-sworn employees while they protect and serve? Armortex.

First responders risk their lives daily to uphold the law and protect others; it only makes sense that we protect them. Police stations and officers are increasingly targeted, and precincts all over the country are recognizing a great need to fortify the front desk and reception area with bullet-resistant glass and other security measures to protect the human assets inside. In 2016, 66 officers were murdered in the line of duty, and the infamous attack on a Detroit police station in 2011 still weighs heavily on all of our hearts.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the building materials for a remodel, such as UL ratings, speakers, and counter heights, but most importantly is protection with bullet and blast-resistant windows, doors, and fiberglass paneling. An aesthetically pleasing area helps victims of domestic abuse or seeking safety.

That’s where Armortex can help. We offer crystal-clear glass, natural voice-transmission speakers, wood doors and more to create a warm and safe reception area. Our materials are available in all UL ratings and ready to fit your needs and budget.

Armortex can help you protect the valuable lives entrusted to you every day. Visit us online at or call us at 800-880-8306.