Security is one of the most crucial considerations for any business today, whether we discuss protecting online assets or, on the physical side, buildings and employees. Physical security measures for a business or organization commonly include security doors and windows, fences, gates, or window bars, with specific accessories available for each. In this blog post, we will discuss what accessories are available for security windows and how to determine which options are suitable for your business.

The Importance of Security Windows

Security windows can be installed in any building to keep products, customers, and employees safe from harm and provide an overall safety measure to the business or organization. Depending on the business you have and the threat level present, there are a wide range of security windows for you to choose from. To find the most suitable security features for your business, work with an experienced manufacturer that produces windows with ballistic-grade glass and framing materials and can configure products to meet your specific requirements. 

Security Window Accessories

How a security window and its frame are engineered is significant to the level of protection they offer, but safety measures can be increased by adding specific accessories. For example, a security window can be designed to withstand a wide range of ballistic attacks and adverse weather conditions. Still, if it has to be fully opened for communication or transactions, this could remove the security levels it was designed to provide.

Luckily, experienced manufacturers such as Armortex can provide accessories to allow effective communication and interactions with members of the public without compromising the safety of the business and its employees. In this section, we take a look at what those accessories are.

Deal Trays

Deal trays are designed to maintain business security while allowing the transfer of items such as money or small items. Commonly installed in banks or pharmacies, deal trays are small transaction trays installed below bullet-resistant windows, preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing employee spaces. At Armortex, our transaction deal trays are manufactured with 16ga stainless steel, and a #3 satin brushed finish. They can also be lined with HI-Hard ballistic steel if ballistic levels of protection are required. We offer a wide range of deal trays to suit different industries and applications, with some options being the surface-mounted deal tray and the recessed deal tray with a weather flap.

Transaction Drawers

Transaction drawers are installed for settings that require small items such as IDs, payments, or small products through a window. They are typically found in government office receptions, stadium ticket offices, security points, and other similar places and facilitate safe and easy transactions between staff and clients. Armortex currently offers four different transaction drawers.

Package Receivers 

Armortex designs ballistic and bullet-resistant windows with package receivers to provide security measures for both employees and customers. These receivers have two doors, but only one can be opened at any given time, offering enhanced protection against security threats. Our ‘SPR’ standard model is prime painted with 12ga steel and can be designed to fit various wall thicknesses.

We also offer other advanced security accessories for security windows, such as speakers and gun ports. Many of these can be customized to suit your specific regulatory requirements or preferences.

Contact a member of Armortex today to learn more about our security windows and accessories, and let us help you implement enhanced safety features.