Regarding government security, protecting government buildings from ballistic threats is paramount. The safety and security of these structures are crucial for the individuals within them and the overall functioning of government operations. In this blog post, we will look into what types of government buildings need high-rated ballistic-resistant solutions, the factors to consider when choosing such solutions, and the different types available.

Government Buildings That Need Ballistic Resistant Solutions

Government buildings that require high-rated ballistic-resistant solutions can be divided into several categories. These include places that face a higher risk of armed attacks, keep large amounts of money or handle sensitive materials. There are also certain government buildings that act as critical infrastructure, accommodate high-ranking officials, or serve as targets for terrorism or criminal activities. The buildings listed below are those which require enhanced protection for various reasons:

  • Federal courthouses and courtrooms
  • Embassies and consulates
  • Public safety facilities (e.g., police stations, fire departments)
  • Educational facilities located in high-risk areas
  • Military installations and bases
  • Government offices dealing with sensitive information or materials
  • Financial institutions and treasuries
  • High-security research facilities

These buildings have been specifically chosen due to their critical nature and the potential risks they face. Past experiences have shown they are vulnerable to security breaches and targeted attacks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ballistic Resistant Solutions

When selecting appropriate ballistic-resistant solutions for government buildings, several factors must be taken into consideration. It is essential to understand the various levels of ballistic protection available, what they mean, and what materials can be used to adequately uphold these levels.

Levels of ballistic protection

Ballistic protection is typically classified into levels set out by the Underwriter Laboratories, ranging from Level 1 to Level 8. Each level represents the solution’s resistance against various types of ammunition and firearms. The higher the level, the greater the protection provided.

Material selection

The materials used in ballistic-resistant solutions have a significant impact on their effectiveness. Steel and fiberglass are some common materials used in bullet-resistant panels, and these are designed to absorb the energy of a bullet upon impact, distributing the force across a wider area and preventing penetration.

Ballistic Resistant Solutions for Government Buildings

There are various ballistic-resistant solutions available for different types of government buildings. Each solution has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these options enables the selection of the most suitable solution for a specific building. 

At Armortex®, we are committed to providing ballistic protection at every federal government level to keep the United States safe. We offer solutions that combat domestic and foreign dangers, targeted political crime and other attacks. Our bespoke solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, but we will also liaise with your architect to understand your exact requirements.

A range of ballistic-resistant solutions is available for government buildings, and Armortex® offers bulletproof doors and windows, as well as fiberglass panels..

Bullet-Resistant Doors

Armortex® offers blast- and bullet-resistant doors that utilize cutting-edge ballistic materials. These doors can be customized to meet specific requirements and are available in a range of designs. Engineered to withstand military-grade explosives, high wind speeds, tornado effects, and common threats, they provide exceptional protection for your facility.

Bulletproof Windows

For maximum defense against threats, Armortex® provides bulletproof windows crafted from top-quality ballistic-grade glass and framing materials. These windows offer an exceedingly high level of protection in hostile situations, ensuring the safety of your facility and its occupants. 

Fiberglass Panels

Armortex® has developed ballistic-resistant fiberglass panels that offer a high level of protection against various threats. These panels have received approval from the U.S. Marshal Service and are compliant with the 752 standard. Available in different sizes, they provide security measures at UL levels 1 to 8, catering to diverse security needs.

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