As our world changes and new security threats must be closely monitored, the need for adequate security solutions in schools and campuses increases. While security solutions can include single items such as security bolts on doors or surveillance cameras, most of them comprise several items designed to provide the highest level of security should a threat arise.

It’s no secret that schools and campuses have increasingly become targets of attacks and security breaches, making it more crucial than ever to have the proper protection in place. To keep staff, students, and their families safe, tailor-made security solutions are the best option as they will be designed to fit into an existing structure and engineered to the necessary security threat level.  In this blog post, we look at what solutions are available with Armortex® to offer peace of mind and outstanding levels of security.

Security Solutions for Schools & Campuses

Several common issues occur in schools, from bullying to vandalism, cyber issues, and physical threats such as break-ins and, unfortunately, shootings. While bullying and cyber security issues cannot be tackled through installing bulletproof windows and doors, physical attacks and vandalism can be.

As part of a comprehensive security plan, schools and campuses should be subjected to risk assessment and fitted with some or all of the following: access control systems, alarm systems, security cameras and guards, and security doors and windows. While not all companies can provide each component, Armortex® manufactures bullet and ballistic-proof windows and doors to help improve the safety measures of schools and campuses.

Benefits of Tailor-made Security Solutions with Armortex®

There are two main reasons why installing tailor-made security solutions is beneficial to schools and campuses. Firstly, to enhance school security for staff and students, and secondly, to act as a deterrent to potential threats. Other reasons include reducing insurance premiums and increasing property value, but we’re focusing on protection and deterrents.

Enhancing School Security Measures With Bulletproof Products

Bulletproof doors and windows offer outstanding security measures in several ways. Not only do they provide secure access control to a school or campus, but they also work to deter anyone from thinking about carrying out violent acts in or outside the facility. Bulletproof doors and windows are robust and designed to withstand a wide range of physical attacks, from break-ins to shootings. A comprehensive security system with ballistic protection will offer confidence to those within the buildings and prevent unauthorized access.

School Security Solutions with Armortex®

Is it time to upgrade your school security measures? Armortex® can help you with this. We have manufactured blast, bullet, and forced-entry resistant products for over thirty years and operate under an ISO 9001 quality management system. Our primary driving force is to protect lives through our high-quality products, which we engineer for schools and campuses, government buildings, courthouses, police stations, and many other facilities. 

Bulletproof Windows for School Security

Our bulletproof windows offer maximum protection against any physical security threat and can be manufactured to meet the requirements of your existing facilities. We utilize the highest-grade ballistic-grade glass and framing qualities that maintain aesthetic appeal while offering outstanding security against hostile situations. In addition, our security windows can be manufactured to bullet-resistant levels 1 to 10 of the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) rating systems to ensure your security measures meet your needs.

Armortex® windows can be made with aluminum, hollow metal, or stainless steel and are available in various styles to suit their intended application.

Bulletproof Doors for School Security

Armortex® bulletproof doors are manufactured in hollow metal or wood and can be built to meet specific requirements. They are available in several aesthetic designs, either flush or with various security viewing windows. Our security doors are designed to capture and retain ballistic threats to reduce random injury and provide outstanding levels of security against unwanted entry and physical threats. 

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