Project Description

Bullet Resistant Fixed Frame Aluminum Windows


Bullet Resistant Extruded Aluminum Window Frames are designed for “non-ricochet type” and are intended to permit the capture and retention of attacking projectiles. It lessens the potential of random injury and lateral penetration. Framing systems are 6061-T6 Aluminum clear or dark bronze anodized finish with armor to meet ballistic level requirements. Constructed to size and ballistic level requirements. Interior screws are applied to make glazing installation easy for a vast variety of glazing types and thickness and to provide security level protection when needed. Transaction windows are available with a laminate or stainless steel counters and can also be made without a counter to install on existing counters, you may already have.



Key Stats

Ballistic Level (UL) 1 to 10
Height 6″ to 96″
Depth 5″ | 6″
Width 6″ to 96″
Application Interior
Available Sizes 60″ x 96″ Max. | 96″ x 60″ Max.
Finish Anodized, Clear | Anodized, Dark Bronze | Polyester Powder Coat
Glazing Glass/Polycarbonate Composite | Glass-clad Polycarbonate | Multi-ply Polycarbonate | Acrylic Polycarbonate Composite
Primary Material 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum

Technical Documents & Inspiration