The security in your building should run as smoothly as possible to offer advanced amounts of protection. Of course, you will have secure systems and policies in place to ensure the safety of any visitors and staff. However, you may be thinking of ways to enhance it further. 

A building’s layout can play a crucial role in the design of its security. If you incorporate bullet-resistant windows into the design of your building, you may want to include an aluminum clamp frame. But before we learn more about aluminum clamp frames, you need to know the basics of security windows. 

Bullet-resistant windows are capable of withstanding incoming ballistics and bullets. They can also offer protection against natural disasters. Ultimately, the strength of these windows come from their designs. By utilizing lamination, glass can be used to encapsulate materials that are created from acrylic or polycarbonate.

When choosing bullet-resistant windows, it is important to consider how much defense is actually required. The thickness of the window’s material, which can range from 7 – 75 millimeters, will have an effect on how well it can shield against ballistic impacts. 

As of now, it has been estimated that the market for bullet-resistant glass is going to increase by 7% when we reach 2028. So, if you want to apply this glass as an advanced security solution, you should combine it with an aluminum clamp frame. 

An aluminum clamp frame is used in tandem with bullet-resistant glass to offer additional protection. It works by encompassing the glass so it stays in a set position. This means that it can add more strength to its structure and catch any bullets or projectiles and hold them in place. 

Essentially, having aluminum clamp frames can offer extra security to your bullet-resistant glass and windows. If you want to learn more about aluminum clamp frames, we, Armortex, would encourage you to keep on reading.

In our article we will look at aluminum clamp frames in more detail. This includes their overall design and application as a security solution. 

Understanding Aluminum Clamp Frames

Aluminum clamp frames are engineered to support bullet-resistant glass in windows, providing a secure barrier against ballistic threats.

Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, these frames are renowned for their strength and durability. The choice of aluminum, especially the 6061-T6 alloy, is crucial. It combines lightweight properties with high tensile strength. This makes it ideal for security applications where both resilience and ease of installation are required.

These frames come with a clear or dark bronze anodized finish. This provides an aesthetic appeal and an added layer of protection against corrosion and wear. Therefore, the frames will be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions without compromising their structural integrity or appearance.

Ballistic Level Requirements and Non-Ricochet Designs

One of the key features of Armortex’s aluminum clamp frames is their compliance with specific ballistic level requirements. These frames are constructed to meet varying levels of ballistic protection, rated from 1 to 8 on the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) rating system. This rating system measures the material’s ability to stop bullets of different calibers and velocities. As a result, it provides a clear benchmark for security.

Moreover, the design of these frames is focused on a “non-ricochet type” construction. Essentially, the frames and bullet-resistant glass are engineered to capture and retain attacking projectiles. The frames’ design significantly reduces the potential for injury from flying debris or lateral penetration. This means it can enhance the safety of occupants within the building.

Installation and Aesthetic Integration

Another advantage of aluminum clamp frames is their ease of installation. The frames are designed to accommodate interior screws for glazing installation. Therefore, they have a secure fit with various types and thicknesses of glazing. This flexibility not only simplifies the installation process but also enables customization to meet specific security needs without compromising the window’s visual appeal.

Armortex’s commitment to not sacrificing aesthetics for security is evident in their bulletproof windows, including those utilizing aluminum clamp frames. The design ensures that the security features are integrated seamlessly, maintaining the building’s architectural integrity. This is particularly important for commercial and public buildings, where the balance between safety and aesthetic appeal is crucial.

The Security Implications

The use of aluminum clamp frames in bullet-resistant windows represents a significant advancement in architectural security. By providing a robust barrier against ballistic threats, these frames play a crucial role in safeguarding lives and assets. The combination of high-strength aluminum, non-ricochet design, and compliance with UL ballistic protection ratings ensures that buildings equipped with these windows are well-prepared to withstand potential security breaches.

Furthermore, the adaptability of aluminum clamp frames to various glazing types and thicknesses means that security can be tailored to the needs of a building or location. Whether it is a financial institution, government building, or retail storefront, there is a flexibility offered by these frames. This versatility allows for the implementation of targeted security measures.

Armortex Has High-Quality Aluminum Clamp Frames Available!

No matter what type of windows you select, be it casement windows or aluminum clamp frames can enhance the design and strength of your security windows. This will also enhance the safety of your visitors or employees.

If you utilize bullet-proof glass in your building, your worst nightmare will be seeing someone try to break a window. So give yourself peace of mind by incorporating robust aluminum clamp frames onto your security windows.

Aluminum clamp frames can be easily customized to suit the shape and size of the security window. This means it will not negatively impact how well the glass performs. Therefore, if you have different areas in your building that require bullet-resistant glass windows, you can have aluminum clamp frames created to suit the specific proportions of their environment.

Safety, security, and protection are all qualities that aluminum clamp frames can offer your building. Here at Armortex, as an experienced manufacturer of bullet-resistant products, we can ensure that you get a robust aluminum clamp frame that can suit your intended application perfectly. 

Browse our aluminum clamp frames to see which would be best! We would recommend considering our bullet-resistant aluminum windows with a natural voice clamp frame. However, if you had a specific type of aluminum clamp frame in mind, feel free to contact us. Our experts at Armortex would be happy to help you.