Ballistic glazing is a crucial protective element in many structures where security is a priority, including banks, convenience stores, courthouses and schools. To keep personnel safe from security threats, such as active shooters or armed thieves, ballistic glazing, also known as bulletproof glass, can be installed. 

Ballistic glazing is made of multiple layers of glass or plastic. Both materials can be used on alternating layers, but choosing either glass or plastic is also an option. These layers offer enhanced protection from ballistic attacks; they are primed with a polymer that holds them together when a bullet tries to penetrate, preventing the material from shattering. In this blog post, we briefly discuss the importance of ballistic glazing and the associated costs. 

Types of Ballistic Glazing

Ballistic glazing prices can vary dramatically depending on several factors, such as the size, thickness and type of materials used and what weapons the glazing needs to offer protection from. It’s important to discuss your requirements with the glazing company or architect you’re working with, including how much protection is needed and the budget you need to work with.

Some options for security glazing include laminated glass, plexiglass, polycarbonate glass, glass-clad polycarbonate and ceramic and glass composite, each offering advantages and drawbacks. 

Laminated Glass

A very common choice for bulletproof solutions is laminated glass. It offers protection against various handgun threats, is made with multiple layers of glass and is used widely in banks and government buildings.


Also known as acrylic glass, plexiglass is a lightweight but strong plastic. It is often used in settings that require lower levels of bulletproof security, such as residential and retail buildings.

Polycarbonate Glass

Polycarbonate glass is another option for low-level security solutions, especially if weight is important. It is often fabricated with materials such as acrylic, glass and window film and offers protection against a selection of handgun threats.

Glass-clad Polycarbonate

Glass-clad polycarbonate is used in high-level security settings such as government buildings. It is produced with a glass exterior, which offers longevity, and a polycarbonate interior, offering excellent impact resistance.

Ceramic and Glass Composite

Ceramic and glass composite safety glass should be considered for the most advanced protection. It is used in law enforcement, military bases and armored vehicles in conflict zones and can protect from high-velocity rifle rounds.

The Costs of Ballistic Glazing

In terms of figures, it is difficult to give an exact cost of ballistic glazing because of the factors mentioned above. However, for lower levels of protection, costs can start at $80 per square foot and increase up to $150 per square foot for glazing solutions that protect against more advanced weapons. Overall, using ballistic glass or glazing materials can significantly increase the protection of a building and its personnel, and prices reflect that. 

These prices are further influenced by add-ons such as heat and sun protection, which can add 10 to 30%. Another influencing factor is the weight of the glass or plastic that is used. Lighter options result in lower costs of window frames and their transportation and installation. Furthermore, the materials used to produce the window frames can also impact both price and security. This is why it’s essential to consult your contractors before starting any work, as there are a wide range of factors that can influence the price of installing ballistic glazing.

Ballistic Security Solutions with Armortex

Over the last 30 years, Armortex has manufactured bullet-resistant glazing for various buildings and settings. Throughout this time, we have worked with multiple architects and contractors and have developed an in-depth understanding of ballistic security solutions. We offer custom windows, doors, panels and framing options.

Contact Armortex today, and we will help you find suitable ballistic glazing options to suit your security needs.