Windows are always a primary target for those looking to break into a property, be it in a home, business, or organization. These break-ins can result in criminal damage, disruption to the affected business and its personnel, and financial implications, which is why installing security windows is crucial. However, it has to be done right. There are many ways optimal safety and security levels can be implemented with regard to security windows, but the chosen material plays a crucial role. In this blog post, we look at how laminated glass can make or break a security window system.

Why is Laminated Glass Used in Security Windows?

Because of its high strength and strong resistance to force and impact, laminated glass is frequently used in security windows to prevent break-ins. It is manufactured by bonding two or more layers of glass with an interlocking polymer layer between them. This polymer interlayer is used to create a permanent bond so that even if the glass is shattered, the layers of glass remain intact and this, therefore, reduces the risk of harm from flying glass fragments. Installing laminated glass windows is a far more effective security method than using standard glass panels or security bars on windows.

The Benefits and Applications of Laminated Glass

Using laminated glass security windows offers a wide range of benefits. For safety reasons, it resists strong impacts and is difficult to break due to its manufacturing methods of heating multiple layers of glass under pressure. Aside from high strength, laminated glass can act as double glazing, offering heat protection and noise reduction. Other key benefits include:

  • Dual-sided – if one side is broken, the other side may remain intact
  • High durability
  • High resistance to changes in temperature and pressure
  • Reduced emissions due to UV protection
  • Resistance to fire – laminated glass takes time to shatter in the event of a fire, allowing people time to evacuate safely.
  • Sound insulation
  • Strong resistance to various impacts, including metals and some small explosions

Thanks to its advantageous properties, laminated glass is used in various structural applications such as architecture, automotives, and UV protection. Laminated glass is often considered for security windows in specific situations, including the following:

  • For security windows in banks, jewelry stores, and museums
  • For structural purposes such as skylights, roofs, facades, and animal enclosures
  • In areas where crime rates are high
  • In areas where natural disasters are likely
  • Where national and international security is critical

Armortex: Security Windows With Laminated Glass

Armortex provides a selection of maximum-protection security windows designed to protect buildings and personnel. Our products are manufactured with ballistic-grade glass and framing materials of the highest quality, engineered to offer outstanding levels of protection against blast and bullet threats, natural disasters, and other attacks.

Our security windows can be made in a variety of styles, with window frames from three key materials: aluminum, hollow metal, or stainless steel. We offer transaction window frames of multiple configurations and fixed, sliding, or operable frames to suit business requirements. The panels are fiberglass composites with a unique laminate structure. We alternate layers of glass and plastic, weave ballistic-grade fiberglass, and treat it with thermoset resin. 

For security windows, Armortex laminated window glass offers enhanced security against ballistic attacks, designed to meet UL 752 ballistic standards 1-10. Laminated glass provides numerous advantages, unlike standard glass panels, which break and shatter easily and offer little UV protection or sound insulation.

Contact Armortex today for more information on our laminated glass security windows.