You must have excellent security measures in place to protect your employees against any threats or security breaches. To safeguard personnel and assets, the installation of bulletproof reception windows and security accessories has become critical. 

Armortex, a leading manufacturer in security solutions, offers a range of accessories to enhance the functionality and security of these windows.

1. Bulletproof Glass

Armortex’s bulletproof glass is a cornerstone of security in bulletproof reception windows. Their glass is designed to withstand various levels of impact, offering ballistic protection against bullets and forced entry. This ballistic-resistant glass is crafted with absolute optical clarity, ensuring visibility while maintaining safety. 

Armortex’s commitment to high-performance ballistic-grade materials in their bullet-resistant windows ensures improved functionality and delivers extra security. Combine this with a security guard in protective tactical gear within your building and you will find that your staff will feel a lot safer. 

2. Transaction Trays

For businesses that require the safe transfer of documents, small packages, or payments, Armortex’s transaction window is essential. These transaction windows come with transaction trays. They maintain the integrity of the protective barrier, allowing for secure transactions without exposing staff to potential threats. The transaction windows come preassembled, ready to mount, and are available in protection levels 1 and 3.

3. The Communication System

Effective communication between staff and visitors is vital, even with the presence of a bulletproof barrier. Armortex’s transaction windows incorporate a “natural voice” communication system, thanks to their neoprene spacer design. 

This system ensures clear and secure communication. As a result, it eliminates the need for electronic intercoms or speaker systems. Therefore, it can streamline the setup and use of these windows.

4. Bulletproof Barrier Material

The security of a reception area is not limited to the window alone. Armortex provides bulletproof fiberglass panels engineered to withstand extreme impacting forces as per Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards 1–8. These panels offer an additional layer of protection, enhancing the overall security of the area surrounding the bulletproof windows.

5. The Access Control System

Integrating an access control system can further enhance the security of spaces protected by bulletproof reception windows. Such systems manage the entry and exit of individuals, allowing for secure verification and monitoring of visitors. Armortex’s bulletproof solutions can be complemented with various access control technologies to ensure a comprehensive security setup.

6. Bulletproof Transaction Windows

For specific applications, Armortex offers bulletproof transaction windows. These windows are designed with built-in speak-thru devices that combine the benefits of bulletproof glass, communication systems, and transaction trays. They provide a complete solution for secure and efficient transactions in environments requiring the highest security standards.

Protect your building with bulletproof reception windows

In conclusion, bulletproof reception windows are a vital component of modern security infrastructure. 

Armortex’s range of accessories, including bulletproof glass, transaction trays, communication systems, bulletproof barrier materials, access control systems, and bulletproof transaction windows, provide comprehensive protection and functionality. These products are designed to meet the highest standards of security and efficiency. This means that they can ensure the safety of staff and assets in various settings.

For more information and to explore our innovative security solutions, we invite you to visit Armortex. Ensure the safety of your premises with Armortex’s state-of-the-art bulletproof reception window solutions.