Security measures are always available for businesses regardless of the industry, from specialized locks and windows to security doors. To combat security threats that continue to develop, the products used to keep businesses, and their personnel safe must also be manufactured to offer heightened protection. When security doors are installed, they should be fitted with components designed to offer ballistic and bullet protection. This article will answer whether a security door needs a specialized frame.

Why Fit a Security Door? 

A security door offers extensive protection against threats such as burglaries, ballistic attacks, and even extreme weather conditions. Security doors are typically made from solid and durable materials such as aluminum, glass, and steel and can be manufactured in different styles. Although steel security doors often conjure up the image of a thick, metal door at the entrance to a vault, that doesn’t have to be the case as nowadays security and other exterior doors can also be designed to keep people safe while offering aesthetic benefits. 

Does a Security Door Need a Specialized Frame? 

The danger of installing a weak door frame is that attackers could penetrate the entry door easily, leaving your business and personnel at risk. The level of protection offered by a security door depends mainly on the frame it is fitted with. Manufacturers should provide frames in a selection of materials and offer protection based on the UL ballistic levels one to ten. Whilst a solid door frame is crucial, the door and locking system implemented must all complement each other so they can withstand an attack.

When installing a security door, be it the front door of a shop or an internal safety door, there are many components that need to be considered, including the frame. A specialized door frame that will support the front door is crucial. The door and door frame should be purchased from the same manufacturer, as the manufacturer will make the two to work together perfectly. Choosing your security door and door frame from an experienced, reputable manufacturer will ensure the security systems are suitable for your business.

Security Doors with Armortex

Armortex offers a range of blast,bullet-resistant & forced-entry resistant doors that can be used across several industries. We can produce these doors to suit our clients’ specific requirements and can adapt aspects such as ballistic level, height, thickness and width, as well as the primary frame material and lockset type.

Our security doors are available in hollow metal or wood veneered compositions, both of which come with a hollow metal frame. The bullet resistant door and frames are designed to capture ballistic attacks and reduce random injury and we make our frames with cold-rolled steel, which can be cut to specific sizes.

Contact us today for more information on security door and frame options that can be manufactured meet your exact requirements.