Deciding on a Bullet-Resistant Security Door Design

The modern-day need for heightened security measures is being realized by a greater scope of safety seeking businesses and industries. You can never take the protection of colleagues and customers alike for granted. That is why Armortex tried-and-trusted bullet-resistant security doors are ever produced to the highest of standards. We appreciate the need for different designs and specifications too, which is why we constantly strive to deliver custom solutions equipped with the latest functions and capabilities.

In this article, we will provide some valuable information about the diverse range of bullet-resistant security doors we supply. Hopefully we can answer any questions you have about anything from the initial design phase through to installation.

Armortex Security Door Specifications

Our focus is always on accommodating customer requests within the framework of our established bullet-resistant security door product range. Generally, our wooden and metal bullet-resistant security doors are specified by their window or viewing space:

  • Flush: Contains the door panel only with no window installed for maximum security. This is an ideal option for businesses that have no urgent need to see through the door.
  • Full Lite: Fitted with a bullet-resistant window that covers the majority of the door area, framed by the wood or metal of the door itself. This is a popular choice for offices and shops.
  • Half Lite: Featuring a window similar in width to the Full Lite design but only covering the top half of the door. It is a useful configuration for organizations who still need to see what is on the other side.
  • Slim Lite: Consists of a narrow slit of glass that is set to one side of the door allowing a partial view of the outside to identify someone. .
  • View Lite: Comprises a small, head-sized square of glass that can be used for the safe identification of an outside person wishing to gain entry.

Fitting to Requirements

At Armortex, we consult with architects to ensure that all our high-spec bullet-resistant security doors will fit into existing structural frameworks. Or, for new builds, we can recommend supplementary security measures that complement the performance of your new reinforced entryway.

We are often tasked with retrofitting bulletproof solutions to meet strict costing parameters of architectural projects. Our in house technical support employees  collaborate with project managers to creatively and cost-effectively replace old doors with brand-new bullet-resistant security doors, minimizing overall installation expenses.

Looking for Bullet-Resistant Security Doors?

Flexibility and versatility are fundamental to our success in architectural bulletproofing. Customers who may not have been able to afford bullet-resistant solutions previously can now benefit from reduced project timeframes which save effort, time, and money. We achieve this expedient execution of service by working closely with architects to align all our security door designs and ensure the ease with which they can be integrated into new and existing structures. This results in a reduction in installation times and reduces the likelihood that our customers will incur extra construction costs later down the line.

With something as serious as security, we understand that you don’t want to rush into any decision which could affect the safety of those you work with. Contact us today with any questions, and we would be happy to talk through the different design parameters you should bear in mind when choosing a bullet-resistant security door.