Protecting your business from theft and armed robbery is a matter of ethical and commercial necessity. There were almost 300,000 robberies carried out across the US in 2017 alone; 118,745 of which involved firearms. This represents an enormous concern for store clerks who routinely operate in positions of vulnerability. The priority in commercial security should always be ensuring the safety of your most valuable asset; your employees.

Robbery is always a risk for cashier booths, convenience stores, gas stations, and other transaction-based working environments. Obviously, the prime attraction for thieves is the presence of high-value commodities and large volumes of cash, yet there are additional factors that play into commercial security concerns. Many stores and cashier booths are manned by individuals or very few employees, making it difficult to deter thieves from conducting a robbery. Extended opening hours may also pose a commercial security risk. Yet one of the largest issues is the fact that cash is typically consolidated in a single, or closely confined, space that is only minimally secured.

The cash desk is the primary point of vulnerability for any store. You can train your personal to react and respond to commercial security threats, but there is no guarantee that this conditioning will protect them in the event of an armed robbery. This training is also insufficient from a commercial standpoint. Most protocols call for staff to surrender to the demands of thieves, which can result in substantial monetary losses. Although it is impossible to quantify the value of such training in protecting your personnel from harm, there are solutions that can improve the safety of both your staff members and your daily takings.

Bulletproof Commercial Security Solutions
Augmenting your store or cash booth with bulletproof products can dramatically enhance your commercial security practices. Putting a physical barrier between your employees and thieves severely reduces the risk of strong-arm robberies. This simple solution can be expanded to mitigate firearms-related threats by constructing a barrier that is resistant to ballistic projectiles and blasts.

Ballistic glass can enhance your commercial security without impacting your day-to-day operations. It is transparent yet secure, facilitating a safe customer-facing environment that is protected from direct and repeated gunshots. Bulletproof glass can also be housed in anti-ricocheting frames to eliminate risks associated with lateral penetration or incidental bullet deflection.

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These can also be integrated with unique cash- and product-handling solutions to limit the impact that bulletproof commercial security solutions have on the way you run your business. Transaction draws effectively isolate cash during transactions, eliminating risks associated with physically handing money over to customers. Deal trays similarly isolate cash, creating a narrow aperture that customers and employees can use to navigate physical transactions. Package receivers are more specialized solutions. These utilize a self-contained chamber with an interlocking device that ensures only one door can be opened at a time. Items can be placed within the chamber and passed through bulletproof screenings without presenting windows of opportunity to would-be thieves.

Commercial Security Solutions from Armortex
Armortex® provides a broad range of commercial security solutions for stores, gas stations, banks, and other properties where high volumes of cash are routinely handled. We have developed entire storefronts using our aluminum bulletproof windows, ensuring that both customers and employees are protected from incidental gunfire in active shooter situations.

If you would like more information about Aluminium Security Windows from Armortex, or have any questions about our other commercial security products, please contact us directly.