Protection products are essential in data centers. Every day, data centers undergo hundreds of attacks to try and expose vulnerable data. The pandemic saw an increase in security threats on those who work from home, with email traffic attacks rising from 6% to 60% in just six weeks. That is why businesses have decided to improve their cyber security measures.

Data centers can be vulnerable to more than just cyber-attacks. They can be at risk of robberies and break-ins. That is why bringing some physical security into your data center is a good idea. In other words, use more architectural protection products.

Why would a data center need architectural protection products?

As you can see above, there are different systems in which your data can be stored and then moved onto devices and data chips. Data centers operate as physical storage units. They house large computer systems that can be an extension of the cloud network. Modern data centers need to accommodate a lot of expensive electronics and sometimes even their own power systems. That way they can provide latency-sensitive data that can react to real-time events.

With all this expensive equipment and the storage of sensitive information being on site, security teams must be present in the building for protection. Of course, there will be e-security threats, but that does not stop criminals from breaking into a data center. That is why data and cloud data centers need architectural protection products. They are also useful in the face of natural disasters and can help avoid damaging the data centre infrastructure.

What architectural protection products can be used in a data center?

Crime and natural disasters are going to be the main adversaries of a data center. That is why you need to help your security guards by having an efficient management system. There are three categories of security products that you need to focus on. These are:

  •       Protective infrastructure: the data center’s location, access points of the building, gates, fences, surveillance cameras and alarm systems
  •       Crime protection: armed security, mantraps, biometric access control systems, steel-lined walls and bulletproof glass
  •       Natural disaster protection: earthquake-proof cabinets, server cages, back-up batteries, air filtration systems, fire suppression products and temperature controls

Outside of purchasing security products, it is important that data centers are also built in secure areas that are not at risk of natural disasters. This includes flooding, tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes. You should also keep your storage systems away from airports. That way signals will not interfere with data processing. If you are worried about the reliability of your data center, you should read up on certification from the uptime institute.

Essential protection products: Bulletproof windows, fiberglass panels and blast-proof doors

You need to build and maintain physical security in a data center. That way you can make sure that your expensive storage systems remain safe in the face of burglaries or natural disasters.

No matter what type of center you have, be it enterprise data centers or cloud data centers, you should start off with bulletproof windows and fiberglass panels. Fiberglass panels are created through a handpress technique before being strengthened with resin. In the event of an armed robbery, you can protect your staff and expensive technology by having them behind a strong window. This type of protection can shield your data center security guards as they alert authorities.

Blast-proof doors can offer additional data center security when a robbery occurs. However, they can also be helpful in the face of a natural disaster. If an internal fire or flooding causes an explosion, then it is more likely that storage systems will remain protected, especially if they are behind server cages.

Armortex protects your data center

If you are interested in architectural security for your data center, Armortex can provide you with high-quality protection products, including unique blast- and bullet-resistant doors. All of our bespoke doors, panels, windows, drawers and trays can be modified to the user’s needs so they can be updated to fit into your data center perfectly.

With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing bullet-resistant products, you can rest assured that you will find something that can help improve your facility’s security. Find out more by calling Armortex at 1-800-880-8306 or emailing

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