A lot of responsibility falls upon the shoulders of store owners to ensure the security features of their shop are enough to bring peace of mind to customers and employees. Theft is a serious issue for retail businesses. Estimated losses associated with theft will potentially amount to around $140 billion during 2025.

A variety of security solutions are available to protect your building, such as window locks, security guards, or cameras. However, another option is security windows. Security windows can act as a means of defense that offers protection to your store. However, there are other things to consider when deciding what security windows would suit your shop.

An Introduction to Security Windows

Security windows serve a dual purpose in the retail environment. They:

  • Act as a deterrent against potential intrusions
  • Provide a resilient barrier against unauthorized entry.

Advances in materials science and engineering have significantly expanded the range of security window solutions available. This has allowed for customizations to fit precise security requirements and design preferences.

Some stores require a window design that can allow for communications between employees and customers, so they would opt for a design which can allow the voice to be heard. However, others need high security but accessibility for transactions, thus they would go for a window with a package receiver

We, Armortex, understand that versatility is a key feature of security windows. Therefore, our selection of security windows are crafted with various designs in mind. That way there will be something available for every specification. 

Understanding the Types of Security Windows

The market offers several types of security windows, each with unique characteristics and levels of protection:

Laminated Glass

Composed of multiple glass layers bonded with an interlayer (typically made of PVB or EVA), laminated glass maintains its integrity even when shattered.

Tempered Glass

This type of glass undergoes chemical or thermal treatment to enhance its strength. Upon impact, it shatters into blunt, small pieces, minimizing injury risk while offering increased resistance to breakage.

Polycarbonate and Acrylic Windows

Lightweight and impact-resistant, these plastic alternatives to glass suit environments where glass breakage poses a high risk. They offer clear visibility with enhanced security. 

Alternatively, glass clad polycarbonate is an excellent choice for a security window. Thanks to its layered composition, with glass surrounding the polycarbonate, it can withstand the impact from bullets or projectiles. What makes it even better is that its formation makes it more likely that the glass will remain intact, meaning that it is a safer option to utilize. 

Wire Mesh Glass

Featuring a wire mesh embedded within the glass, this option combines visibility with added strength. Wire mesh glass can offer an extra layer of security against break-ins.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Security Windows

Threat Level

Assess the specific security challenges your location or business type may face. High-risk areas might necessitate more sophisticated security solutions. These threats are the reason our own security windows have frames and glass formed from materials which have a ballistic grade. Their levels of security can help you feel confident about the capabilities of your security solutions.

Aesthetic Impact

Consider how the security windows will integrate with your store’s design. Opting for security measures should not necessitate sacrificing style. Here at Armortex, we have a range of materials, like aluminum and hollow metal, and designs, including clamp-on and fixed frames, available for our windows. That way you can have a choice over what would suit your store best.

Local Regulations and Compliance

Ensure that your security windows adhere to building codes and meet insurance criteria. That way you can avoid potential legal and financial complications.


Look beyond the initial investment to consider maintenance costs and potential insurance discounts, aiming for a cost-effective, long-term security solution.

Installation and Maintenance

Factor in the ease of installation and ongoing maintenance needs. Prioritize options that promise durability and require minimal upkeep.

Selecting the Right Supplier

Reputation and Experience

Seek suppliers with a proven track record and expertise in providing high-quality security windows. For instance, we have over 30 years’ experience in creating bullet-resistant products. So, you can rely on our expertise to help you uncover the right security window for you.

Product Range

A broad product selection allows for a more informed comparison of options. The selection ensures a fit that meets all your criteria.

Customization Options

The ability to tailor the size, features, and appearance of your security windows can significantly impact their effectiveness and integration with your store’s design. Our own customization options for security windows include voice transmission capabilities and gun ports for enhanced functionality.

After-Sales Support

Confirm that the supplier offers comprehensive after-sales services, including warranties and maintenance support, to safeguard your investment.

Working with Armortex

We, Armortex, provide a comprehensive range of bulletproof and blast-resistant windows. They are designed with the highest quality ballistic-grade glass and framing materials. Our ballistic security solutions are rated to levels 1 – 10 of the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) 752 systems. This ensures a high level of defense without compromising the appearance of installations.

Each security window is tailored with your specific security needs in mind. Our available product line includes options in:

  • Aluminum
  • Hollow metal
  • Stainless steel.

Discover the Perfect Security Windows For Your Store

The security systems of your storefront will determine its defenses against potential threats. For criminals, a window is a simple way to enter a building, especially if the glass can be smashed. By utilizing security windows, you can prevent this scenario from occurring, while protecting your staff, clients, and products.

Deciding upon which security windows would best suit your store can be a difficult choice to make. This is where Armortex can help you decide. Browse through our security windows and feel free to speak to our specialists should you need any recommendations.

Our security windows are crafted with stores in mind. Let us know what sort of security window you are looking for and we can use our expertise to find the perfect one for your shop.