Bulletproof Doors for Domestic Markets
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Bulletproof Doors for Domestic Markets

Security is a priority for any homeowner, and the risk of criminals forcing entry – however unlikely – is a real concern. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) releases an annual uniform crime report (UCR) that explores statistical trends in different categories of criminal activity, including property crime: burglary, larceny-theft, arson, etc. In 2017, burglary accounted for as much as 18.2% of all property-related crime in the U.S., while property crime, in general, caused approximate losses of $15.3 billion. It is easy to understand why more and more domestic homeowners are turning to heavy-duty security solutions, like bulletproof doors, to protect their families and their property.

A Case for Bulletproof Doors in Homes

It is not always possible to quantify the importance of security solutions like bulletproof doors purely in terms of losses avoided or statistical likelihood. However, the FBI’s uniform crime report does offer some interesting insights that may explain why bulletproof doors may be on the rise in domestic markets.

During 2017:

  • More than 1.4 million burglaries were reported across the United States;
  • Of these, approximately 57.5% involved forcible entry;
  • Roughly 67.2% of all burglaries occurred in residential properties;
  • Victims suffered total losses exceeding $3.4 billion.

FBI analysts have used these data to extrapolate the average dollar loss per burglary: $2,416. This is a substantial sum for any homeowner, and this does not factor in the emotional impact, personal safety issues, or any other harder to quantify side-effects of suffering a burglary.

Bulletproof doors are often chosen as a method of increasing security, providing a heavy-duty barrier to would-be criminals looking to force entry into a residence. The uniform crime report shows that burglaries based on attempted forced entry drop to 6.3%, which demonstrates the importance of having a robust infrastructure in place to stop perpetrators from physically breaking into a home.

While bulletproof doors do present an effective barrier to projectiles and blasts, they are also able to withstand forced entry by battery, prying, and other aggressive means. Armortex prepares heavy-duty entryways with Hi-Hard ballistic steel frames matched to the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) level of the door. This provides an outstanding measure of protection threats in various shapes and forms, from active shooters to would-be burglars.


Bulletproof Doors from Armortex

Armortex specializes in the design and supply of high-performance bulletproof doors for any market, including the residential and domestic sector. We can provide unique solutions to meet the specific customer requirements, from everyday practicality and functionality in extreme circumstances, to simply aesthetics.

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