5 Wood Security Door Styles from Armortex
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5 Wood Security Door Styles from Armortex

Security doors are designed to shore up your defenses against forced entry and ballistic impacts. When a security threat becomes apparent, your personnel require a last line of defense to guarantee their safety. Standard fiberglass and wooden doors provide very little protection against determined assailants. Even the lowest caliber firearms can penetrate standard materials, representing a significant risk of harm if armed individuals attempt to force entry.

Wooden security doors are engineered to eliminate the risk of injury due to ballistic penetration. They are designed to match commercial aesthetics without limiting their protective functionalities, with a cold-rolled steel frame that is prime painted and veneered particle board with a protective fiberglass core. Varying thicknesses provide ballistic protection through levels 1 – 8, depending on your requirements. These are facilitated with anodized aluminum gear hinges prepped for various devices.

Armortex® provides five proprietary wood security door types, each of which is designed to combat both direct and lateral penetration, as well as ricocheting. Bullets are captured and retained within the structure of the security door, reducing the likelihood of intentional or random injury. This blog post will explore the five styles we offer in more detail.

Flush Wooden Security Doors

Simple and functional, our flush wooden security doors are equipped with Armortex® proprietary bullet-resistant armor and offered in an unfinished veneer. The non-ricochet frame is comprised of 16 gauge (GA) prime painted steel, ensuring secure installation and outstanding levels of protection against forced entry.

View Lite Security Doors

Armortex® view lite security doors are engineered with a ten-by-ten inch viewing window set centrally at head height in the panel. This is comprised of bullet resistant glazing in a wooden trim, maintaining outstanding protective capabilities while offering a safe way to observe the threat side of the door from the safety of the protected side. 

Half Lite Wooden Security Doors

Our half lite wooden security doors extend the viewability of our view lite security doors with a rectangular viewing window that is fifteen inches wide and over thirty-two inches in height. This is secured in an internal neoprene setting block and offers unrestricted observation of threats through a high-grade ballistic resistant glass.

Full Lite Security Doors

Armortex® full lite wooden security doors offer total viewing with a near-full-length window set centrally in the door panel. It offers similar levels of protection and visibility to the half-lite design, with primarily aesthetic differences.

Slim Lite Wooden Security Doors

Our slim lite wooden security doors provide restricted viewing of the threat side from the safe side of the door, with a narrow panel of ballistic-grade glass offset towards one edge of the door. This is similarly finished in an attractive wooden trim.

Wooden Security Doors from Armortex

Armortex® is one of the US’s leading suppliers of ballistic and forced entry resistant products for various application areas. We have supplied a broad range of solutions for banks and other financial institutions, cash checking facilities, courtrooms, corporate offices and buildings, government institutions, and more.

If you would like more information about our wooden security doors or have any questions about our specific designs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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