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Protecting Your #1 Asset with Bullet-Resistant Products

What’s your most important corporate asset? If you said your data or your inventory, guess again. It’s your employees, the hearts and minds of your company. Walls can be rebuilt, inventory replaced. You have insurance for all that. What you can’t replace is the 30-year employee that knows the inner workings better than the owner, or the fresh-faced college kid that has a product idea that will launch your company to undreamed heights. It’s the human factor that makes your company great. Protect them.
What do you do to ensure the most productivity and happy employees? Generous compensation and time off are one thing, but securing your building with bullet-resistant doors, window frames and glass designed to prevent ricochet, and blast-resistant glass enveloping the building help them feel secure and promote a more relaxed and innovative work environment.
A secure building or office space promotes company loyalty and prevents the risk of unknown people gaining access to computers, cash and inventory, not to mention the threat of physical violence.
Grow your business through a secure and safe workplace. Armortex bullet- and blast-proof glass, doors, window frames are must-have building materials for your new building or upcoming remodel. To learn more about our bullet and blast resistant products go to or call for a bid at 1-800-880-8306 or 1-210-661-8306 or contact us at

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