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Caregiver Safety is a Priority

Your hospital can become an emotionally charged environment and often brings out the worst behavior in otherwise stable and emotionally healthy individuals and is at risk of attack from criminals, mentally unstable patients and those under the influence of drugs.


Are your billing area and its employees secure? The charged emotions related to collections of bills related to a patient’s loss create extreme reactions for the patient’s families and can endanger your billing staff.


While creating a safe environment for your hospital is important, you also want a warm, comforting environment. Bullet-resistant wood doors and crystal-clear glass are designed to stop a directly-fired or ricochet bullet, protecting your patients and their visitors, billing staff, and any other designated safe areas. Safety doesn’t have to look institutional.


Armortex has a full line of bullet and blast-resistant building materials designed with your hospital and staff’s safety in mind. Visit us online today at or call us at 800-880-8306.


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