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Architectural windows and doors as physical security for buildings

Commercial windows and doors can offer a lot more than just functionality or aesthetics to a building. Windows and doors which are classified as “physical security” products often provide protection against gun fire (ballistic protection), bomb blasts (blast protection) and forced entry (mob violence).

Depending on the requirements of the building owner, the need may only be for bullet resistant windows and doors which are often installed in a bank or police station. However, the identified threat to the building may be a car bomb or some other type of explosive device. Blast resistant windows and doors are typically found in use on military bases or petrochemical refineries.

A third type of physical security feature found in buildings is a forced entry window or door. These products are generally used to protect government embassies or consulates from a mob attack. An out of control mob may use sophisticated breaching tools or just crude devices such as a stop sign torn from the ground.

These windows and doors, individually or in combination serve a unique purpose in protecting building occupants from a variety of physical attacks.

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