Transaction Equipment and Accessories

Armortex® products include, but not limited to the following:

  • Speakers (Electronics & Passive)
  • Dip Trays
  • Transaction Drawers
  • Package Receivers (Steel & Transparent)
  • Pivot Hopper
  • Money Cart Pass-Thru
  • Gun Ports
  • Louvers & Gun Lockers

Custom sizes of selected products available.

  • Gun Ports
  • Speakers (Electronic & Passive)
  • Pivot Hoppers
  • Louvers & Money Cart Pass-Thru

Armortex® Voice Port Covers & Speakers

Armortex® Passive Natural Voice Port Covers are available in bullet resistant designs for levels 1 thru 8. They are designed to accommodate glazing thickness of 3/8” or greater and mounting hole 4″ to 6″ in diameter. A stainless steel anti-contraband device is available and comes in a brushed stainless steel finish.

Armortex® also has available a variety of electronic talk-thru communication devices designed to install in windows or on counter tops. The Electronic window units are available with ballistic protection Levels 1 thru 3.

Armortex® Dip Trays

Armortex® Dip Trays are manufactured using 16 ga. stainless steel with a brushed finish. Available in a variety of recessed and surface mounted design options. Custom sizes and types are available. Contact sales representative in your area for information on custom sizes and types.

Armortex® Transaction Drawers

Armortex® Transaction drawers are fabricated with brushed stainless steel face and painted steel case to provide long life and trouble-free operation. The drawers are designed to protect the operator when the unit is open or closed. All our drawers are manually operated and come in a variety of sizes, models and bin capacities to fit most transaction window counter or wall installations. A removable plastic money tray is standard with the SS4D and SS10D units. Model SS10D-D is designed without money tray to provide greater capacity and is ideal for detention applications. The drawers are simple to install and attach to a conventional counter top or in wall. Model 6003 unit is available with optional electronic speaker system. All models available with ballistic protection levels 1 thru 3 Consult sales representative for models requiring ballistic protection 4 thru 8.

Armortex® Package Receivers/Passers

Armortex® Steel Package Receivers are utilized as a package pass between a secure and non-secure area. The body is constructed of 12 ga. prime painted steel, Interlocking door system, stainless steel exterior door, door lock and installation flanges are standard features. Custom view lites can be installed in one or both doors to observe packages being passed. Optional stainless steel drip cap for exterior installations is also available Standard size are 18″ x 18″ x 18”. Customs sizes and configuration available with ballistic protection levels 1 thru 8.

Armortex® Transparent Package Receivers offer complete visibility of all transactions and designed to install on counter top. Features include interlocking door system which prevents the simultaneous opening of both doors, automatic door closer on the exterior door and an optional security latch to prevent the forced entry through the inside door during “non use” periods. Customs sizes and configuration available with ballistic protection levels 1 thru 3 only.

Armortex® Cart Pass

Armortex® Cart passes are designed to transfer material on wheeled carts from one room to another allowing access to only one room at time. Interlocking door system allows only one door at a time to be opened. Cart passes are constructed of prime painted steel and ship fully assembled with hinges, lockset, transformers, electric strike, door pulls. All cart passes are manufactured to dimensions required to accommodate customer’s equipment with ballistic protection levels 1 thru 4 available.

Armortex® Gun Ports

Gun Ports are typically used in military applications. Armortex® Bullet Resistant gun ports are available in pivot models constructed of stainless steel which can be installed in windows, doors or walls. Sliding model is prime painted steel and is designed for installation in doors or walls. Both models are available with ballistic protection levels 1 thru 8.

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