Armortex® Produces the Most Comprehensive Line

of Bullet, Blast and Forced-Entry Protection Products

Bullet Resistant Doors And Frames

Bullet Resistant

Armortex® products provide the maximum bullet resistance available today in a variety of UL 752 ballistic protection levels. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility near San Antonio, TX Armortex® Bullet Resistant Products are carefully and thoroughly assembled and inspected to ensure the highest quality.

Blast Protection Products

Blast Protection

Armortex® blast resistant products are designed to meet government and private industry standards to address the threats to facilities and occupants. Though it is not always possible to control the setback or standoff distance, windows and doors can be designed to mitigate most blast incidences. With Armortex® designs blast mitigation can be achieved to lessen injury and loss of life.

Forced Entry Doors

Forced Entry

Forced Entry and Detention products are designed to prevent or deter unauthorized entry or exit from buildings and structures. Products may include bullet resistant and/or blast protection. Available Armortex® products include Department of State (DOS) approved FE/BR doors and windows.

Bullet Resistance Entrance School Security

Bullet Resistant Entrance for School Security

A new product offered by Armortex.

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    ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Armortex® has been manufacturing bullet and blast resistant and forced entry products in its state-of-the-art facility in Schertz, TX for over 30 years. Our product line includes Armortex® brand lightweight bullet and blast resistant fiberglass composite panels, bullet resistant and detention glazing, bullet resistant fixed and transaction windows, pass-thru transaction equipment (drawers, hoppers, dip trays), [...]

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Armortex® Produces the Most Comprehensive Line of

Bullet Resistant | Blast Protection | Forced Entry

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