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of Bullet, Blast and Forced-Entry Protection Products

For more than 30 years Armortex has designed and built quality products that protect lives. We provide the most comprehensive line of bullet resistant products, blast resistant products and forced entry doors, carefully constructed and thoroughly inspected to deliver the highest quality. Our range of clients includes corporate and government offices, convenience stores, banks, prisons and police stations, as well as check cashing booths and facilities.

Bullet Resistant Doors And Frames

Bullet Resistant

Armortex’s state-of-the-art facility near San Antonio, TX, manufactures a variety of bullet resistant products at UL752 ballistic protection levels with the maximum bullet resistance available today.

  • Bullet proof doors
  • Bullet proof windows
  • Bullet proof glass
  • Bullet resistant panels

Bullet resistant doors and frames offer maximum protection in all door and glazing sizes and styles. Our bulletproof windows come in protection levels UL 1 – 8 and include .50 caliber and armor piercing. Armortex offers both transaction window and fixed window designs.

Blast Protection Products

Blast Protection

Our designs meet government and industry standards to mitigate most blast incidences and minimize injury or loss of life. We offer a number of blast resistant doors, including pre-engineered and custom engineered blast doors, and our blast resistant windows are designed for military, industrial or commercial use. FEMA 361 doors are suitable for use in safe rooms for tornadoes and hurricanes.

Forced Entry Doors

Forced Entry

Forced entry and detention options may include bullet proof and/or blast protection products to help prevent or discourage entry or exit by unauthorized persons.

Armortex serves customers worldwide as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified facility. Call us today at 800-880-8306 for more information.

Bullet Resistance Entrance School Security

Bullet Resistant Entrance for School Security

A new product offered by Armortex.

  • Welcome to Armortex® Bullet, Blast and Forced-Entry Protection Products

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Armortex® has been manufacturing bullet and blast resistant and forced entry products in its state-of-the-art facility in Schertz, TX for over 30 years. Our product line includes Armortex® brand lightweight bullet and blast resistant fiberglass composite panels, bullet resistant and detention glazing, bullet resistant fixed and transaction windows, pass-thru transaction equipment (drawers, hoppers, dip trays), […]

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